Rinnai Water Heater Tankless


Creating an Energy Efficient Home!

Rinnai Sensei Water Heater Tankless

Our homes come with this water tankless heater which is simply amazing! Energy efficiency does not begin to describe it. Our homes provide sustainability, energy efficiency and assist in decreasing the carbon or environmental footprint.

The Rinnai Water Heater Tankless has a ton of optional accessories available for aftermarket purchase. These include a Room Air Screen, Condensate Neutralizer, Scale Cutter, Drain Down Kit, Additional Controllers, Pipe Cover, Recirculation Pump, DPS/MIS Switch, EZ Connect Cables and so much more. 


Rinnai Water Heater - Cedar Valley Row Homes


If you would like more information about Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters, you can visit their website. It is https://www.rinnai.com.au/ 
Cedar Valley Row Homes are built to be energy efficient and possess sustainability. Reduce your Carbon Footprint with a Rinnai Tankless Water Heater.
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