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Cedar Valley Row Homes, About Us….

Our company is owned and managed by Greg Skrzyniarz who has been building and developing homes in Mission for over 20 years. Greg is a self-motivated and ambitious construction and development manager with extensive experience in residential construction and property development in the Fraser Valley.

Our new project is called Cedar Valley Row Homes Phase 2. It is a continuation of the original Phase 1 project which was built between 2016 and 2018 in the same area. Our company was the first exclusively row home development of its kind in Mission. It offered large homes on compact lots without the restrictions and costs associated with strata ownership.

Row Homes – Contractors, Tradesmen

Majority of management, trades, and subcontractors who were involved in the previous project are coming back to work with us. Cedar Valley Row Homes prides itself in hiring local contractors and suppliers which puts money back into our community. This ensures that we maintain high quality and continuously improve our homes. Utilizing local trades like we do reduces the overall potential carbon footprint.

When you buy from us, you get the white glove service from start to finish!



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