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New Home Builder, Cedar Valley Row Homes; the home that offers many advantages over single family detached homes including responsible land use, lower property taxes, lower maintenance cost, and lower purchase price!

Our row homes also offer many advantages over your standard townhouse including no strata fees, larger living space, private fenced off yard, double garage, double driveway, separate basement entry and no restrictions on rentals, pets, age, or landscaping.

If you are looking to buy a home that is more affordable than a single family detached home but can not stomach dealing and paying strata, a home built by Cedar Valley Row Homes, a local home builder is your answer!

Sustainable and Responsible Land Use

Cedar Valley Row Homes – Home Builder


Row Homes use 50% less land than a conventional detached home while still providing owners with back yards, detached garages, and driveways.

Smaller lots lead to lower purchase price. Row Homes are $100,000 to $200,000 less than a detached home of the same square footage.

Smaller lots lead to less property taxes. Lower assessments lead to big savings each and every year.

Smaller Lots lead to less maintenance. You no longer have to spend the whole Saturday taking care of your lawn.


Local home builder Cedar Valley Row Homes employs newest technology to make homes energy efficient which save money in utility bills and have lower CO2 emissions. Our new homes model sustainable living.

  • Replaced Hot Water Tank with On-Demand Hot Water Heater. Firstly, on demand hot water heaters burns natural gas only when you are using hot water while conventional hot water tanks burn natural gas continuously.
  • Innovative Medium Velocity Heating System. This system uses Hot Water On-Demand Heater with an Air Handler to deliver heating or cooling more efficiently. This new technology improves air circulation, uses less natural gas, reduces CO2 emissions, prevents air stratification and sound transfer.
  • Cedar Valley Row Homes, the home builder, uses spray foam to insulate most vulnerable areas to air leaks.
  • All light fixtures are LED.
  • Detached garage will have a sub-panel to facilitate future electric car chargers
  • Party wall between neighbouring homes are insulated with Safe and Sound insulation.
  • Low flush toilets

Comparing a Row Home to Town Home!

Row Homes

  1. Row Homes are Fee Simple ownership without a Strata Corporation. When an individual owns a Row Home, he or she also owns the land that the home sits on.
  2. With a Row Home, you save huge money by not having to pay monthly/annual Strata fees. The savings can be put toward your mortgage payments.
  3. There are no restrictions on renting, age, pets, or landscaping. You have the freedom to enjoy your property, your investment.
  4. Row Homes are larger than your standard Townhouse. This translates not only into more space but is also a more affordable price per square foot. Home Builder Cedar Valley Row Homes are priced between $250/$260 per square Foot.

Town Homes – Townhouse

  1. Owners of Town Homes, or sometimes known as a townhouse, do not own the land on which their unit sits. Instead, they own a percentage of the Strata Corporation. There is no land appreciation on a Town Home property.
  2. Paying Strata Fees adds to your monthly expenses and limits the extra you can pay towards your mortgage.
  3. Many Strata Corporations are mismanaged and at times, owners are asked for huge lump sum payments when major repairs are needed.
  4. Strata means restrictions on renting, age, pets, and landscaping. Sometimes Strata Corporations start out with no restrictions, but more times than not, that drastically changes and new rules can affect your freedom to enjoy your property.
  5. A town house can cost over $300 per square foot.

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